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loved the pixelart game


needs more wife murder


Or less comments like this

Interesting— the idea could use some more development. I'm not sure what the central theme was. 

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as far as I'm concerned it is a game about PTSD - and it portrays it through simple aesthetics, without glorifying it, nor over-complicates it; very poignant and (in my opinion) slightly macabre - a brilliant game, like no other.



can someone give me a good reason to get this game? looks a little iffy to me so can someone tell me? (not a hate comment just.... idk)


You already seem interested, and it is free, so that is a pretty good reason to get it. Beyond that, this game effectively melds its themes and mechanics. By that, I mean that most games uses techniques from other media (be that music, film, literature) to get there themes across, and the gameplay is just sort of there to be fun (See: Uncharted, almost all other games). In this game, the theme is conveyed through the mechanics of the game itself. To me, that makes it a cool game, but the theme is sort of on-the-nose, and you might not find playing it to be a 'fun' experience.

Hey, there is a bug if I press at c, wondering if there is crouch I die immediately and it kinda ruined the experience for me because at first I thought it was a land mine instead of a bug. Finished the game later tho.(until the home part. I just didn't wanted to play that again and you can see how the bug ruined it for me because it would be nice if I played that for the first time after I probably died. Btw I love the transitions. I think I saw those in jazzpunk and another game whic is 15 min long but totally forgot it's name so if you know what game is that can you tell me? I really want to remember.


4 out of 5 - Excellently made in every attribute for what it is; the issues we had were more personal and irrelevant.