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what are the controls? game didn't tell me

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I know how to move left and right but not forwards and backwards

EDIT: I also figured out how to hold things UvU

after about 10 minutes of clicking buttons i found out how to move :)



axeactly i didnt play it yet but the photos of da game mooks like one

Weird and wonderful! Loved playing it and looking forward to playing more of your stuff :)

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I loved this game, it was really weird but a lot of fun!


This game is amazing omg. It speaks volumes about halloween, and dark nights alone with friends. The skeletons inside all of us. A combination of the birthday skeleton and the obsession with candy on halloween. Bloody brilliant!

What is the skeleton font you used?

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i found the font on the site idk where the other one is


So Markiplier played your game... This is so strange but so intriguing.

I love this! The graphics are fantastic, the humour is on point. It reminds me of ps1 games like Medieval and the like. I'd love more!

Here's my video of it if you're curious -

Melhor titulo

5 out of 5 - Because it's 2spooky for anything less.

that game is amazingggggg, and for freeeeee, thank you


Lol Cool Game Hahaha


this is hilarious